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Most consumers already search for

businesses online:

85% of local mobile searches results in buyer action within 5 hours (38% will visit, 20% will call)

54% of Americans have replaced phone books with Internet local search

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Local Market Launch has helped thousands of business locations become easily findable.
Nathaniel Acosta – Owner

Nathaniel Acosta – Owner

Channel Plumbing Inc.

“I’m always trying to set myself apart from competitors in my market. With the majority of my customers searching for my services online, I’ve decided to adopt Local Market Launch’s marketing strategies early on so that I can rank higher than my competitors online. Local Market Launch is helping me get to Google’s first page and stay on top of everybody else.”

Robert Heckes – Owner

Robert Heckes – Owner

Sterling Laundry

“More customers are finding us online. We get two phone calls a day from new customers who find us online and want our service. Also, new customers who use the laundromat have been telling us they saw us online.”

YP Talk

YP Talk

“So naturally, many small business owners are reluctant and unsure on who to trust and how to proceed. We think we may have found just the solution for this dilemma, a new supplier for the Yellow Pages industry – Local Market Launch.”

Jared Salter – Director

Jared Salter – Director

Harris Personal Injury Lawyers

“We hired Local Market Launch to jump-start the Internet presence of new office location. The team was responsive and easy to work with. But more importantly, they delivered results as promised.”

Tom Reed – Director

Tom Reed – Director

Unity Shoppe

“Local Market Launch provides quality results for everyone, whether it’s a private business or a nonprofit like us. I was ecstatic when I saw my organization appear on the first page of Google’s search for ‘nonprofit Santa Barbara’. Local Market Launch stays true to their word and delivers results. Just a month ago we had no online presence and now we are on the first page of Google.”

Asiri Desilva – Owner

Independent Automotive Group Inc.

“With the death of the Yellow Pages, we chose Local Market Launch to take our business’s marketing to the next level. It’s reassuring to see our local presence online, in hundreds of places, while letting me spend more time running my business rather than figuring out how to do it myself.”

Gordon Borrell – CEO

Gordon Borrell – CEO

“Local Market Launch helps those media companies assist local businesses in a very complicated advertising environment. If these small businesses can thrive, the communities benefit. And Local Market Launch does its job very, very well. The company works with a number of our media clients, and we hear nothing but great things about Local Market Launch. “

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“We have developed a scalable dashboard solution to create, maintain, and monitor digital presence across the local search ecosystem”
- Travis Purdy, CTO

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